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Trimo reports about encouraging business performance in the first half of 2016 Trebnje, 11 August 2016 – After the successful transaction by Innova Capital and the appointment of the new management...

Submit your idea

You have an idea? Share it with us.

Trimo believes in the power of co-operation.  But there's even more. We are convinced that you know our products and solutions so well that you can co-operate with us to develop them. An idea, a thought or a concept that accidentally occurrs to you can be the origin of a new and revolutionary solution.  Allow us to help you assess its potential.  Share your idea in an environment that supports openness and does not put before itself any spatial or mental boundaries.

Trimo will listen to you

Trimo will take your ideas seriously. We will examine and assess them and enter new, fresh and unconventional ideas into our database. We will not let its shine extinguish; the most promising will be more carefully examined and carried out.

What kind of ideas are we looking for?
Trimo is constantly looking for new ideas in the area of:
  • improvement of products
  • improvement of technologies
  • improvement of processes
  • suggestions for new products
  • innovations and
  • other areas.

Trimo is interested in all ideas; all innovative ideas.

The idea will remain the property of the idea-creator

The idea you contribute to the Trimo data-base remains your property. Nothing will be done without your permission. Your data and the date the idea was submitted will be noted as well as its content. If we decide to put the idea into effect we will ask your permission. This will also happen if we are interested in buying your idea, using it under license, or developing the original idea further.

Ideas are awarded.
Ideas that are initially considered useful and we decide to place amongst Trimo's development potential, will be awarded. The kind of the award will be discussed with the originator. For example, the award can be the purchase of the idea, a license fee or other forms of awards.

Submit idea