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Trimo Research Awards

Trimo international Research Awards competition is open to those scientific achievements that are in some way connected with Trimo activities.

The goal of the competition is to strengthen cooperation between young ambitious researchers and their mentors and teachers, as well as academics, on the one hand; and Trimo, which can use their knowledge, on the other.

In addition to developing cooperation between Trimo and universities and increasing the recognition of the company among students and specialists, one of the fundamental reasons for these awards is to encourage transfer and sharing of:  information, knowledge and ideas, between Trimo and external knowledge centres which share Trimo's interests. It is also to encourage affiliation to Trimo of the most promising students.

Since 2001, when the first Trimo Research Awards were introduced, over 400 awards have been granted, with almost a quarter of the recipients cooperating with Trimo, in one way or another, after receiving an award.

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