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Steel constructions

Steel is always modern, steel is always contemporary and steel is a material that offers endless possibilities. It has been used for centuries since it can be applied in different ways– it is a reliable partner with excellent building and functional characteristics that makes architects and investors enthusiastic about it. It is suitable for representative and industrial buildings; it is widely used in projects in which there have to be many changes in design. It is a solution that counts.
Advantages of steel constructions
  • enables great freedom to architects and designers
  • transparency, slenderness and lightness of construction
  • bigger spans, open floor plans
  • elegance, simplicity, colourfulness
  • trend of modern architectural design

  • fast and simple construction
  • fast assembly
  • production under the roof
  • dry construction and smaller foundation
  • simple construction of installations
  • good ratio between load-bearing capacity and the weight of the construction
  • possibility of simple upgrading and changing
  • CAD/CAM design
  • simple maintenance and long-life span
  • low-cost dismantling and deconstruction
  • possibility of re-use

  • recycled and environmentally friendly material
  • does not burden the environment in its life span or at the end of it
  • lower pollution rate on the environment due to transport and during construction

  • strength of material
  • simple combing with other materials
  • system solutions
  • high technology of performance and established, quality design solutions

  • low weight
  • earthquake safety
  • simple visual and control of performance and assembly

Each steel construction is constructed of:

Primary steel construction

The primary, basic construction is composed of load-bearing frames and stabilisation elements that assure stability of a facility and transfers loads to reinforced concrete foundations. It is protected with a basic coating; and the final coating is painted in the production process or during assembly. more »

Secondary steel construction

The secondary construction either represents the roof or façade sub-construction on the previously prepared primary steel construction or concrete girders. more »