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Trimoterm SNV fire-proof roof panels

Trimoterm SNV fire-proof roof panels for roofs with inclines exceeding 3 o are the result of careful material choice and a modern production process. Due to excellent technical characteristics and a complete range of technical solutions and elements, Trimoterm SNV enables active and creative adaptations to all special demands on buildings.

Purpose and use
Trimoterm SNV fire-proof panels are excellent solutions for roofs with inclines on office buildings, commercial centres, cultural institutions and industrial facilities. Their versatility makes them suitable for installation as façades, partition walls and ceilings.

  • effective fire-proof protection
  • quality thermal and sound insulation
  • simple and fast construction
  • high load-bearing capacity
  • durability
  • simple maintenance
  • versatile use
  • long-life span

Trimoterm SNV fire-proof roof systems are composed of a lower shallow and upper deep corrugated (275 g/m2), galvanised and painted sheet steel metal (standard thickness 0.6 mm) with a non-flammable lamellate mineral wool core (thickness 60 – 200 mm).

Together all 3 coats form a compact sandwich element that ensures the necessary load-bearing capacity, tightness and assembly, and the core, made of non-flammable lamellate mineral wool, provides excellent heat and noise insulation and high fire-resistance.


Basic technical information

External profile, deep corrugated; thickness of sheet metal: 0.6 mm
Internal profile: s-profile, v-profile, smooth profile
Modular width: 1000 mm
Length: from 2 to 14 m
Thickness of insulation: 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 mm

Possible profile forms
External coating: always trapezoidal
Internal coating: can be stair-like (s-profile), in the form of the letter V (v-profile) or smooth (g)

Profile Type Side A Side B
Trapezoid .
S -profile .
V -profile .
Smooth profile .


Trimoterm SNV roof panels can be fixed on roof-bearing locations from steel, wood or concrete, with a built- in steel profile with min. dimensions 60/40/3.

Additional elements
We offer a wide selection of solutions for performance of roof lights such as light stripes, skylights and other types of glazing. We also build in air shafts, fens, chimneys and perform other technological breaches.

Please refer to the brochure for more detailed technical information.