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Trimo reports about encouraging business performance in the first half of 2016 Trebnje, 11 August 2016 – After the successful transaction by Innova Capital and the appointment of the new management...

Façades and walls

A vision of the future has been built into Trimo façade systems. The options of dynamic shapes, new and interesting perspectives, as well as quality of materials, are indispensable elements of a modern and attractive façade. With exceptional technical characteristics and perfected visual expression, Trimo façade systems easily adjust to your vision of space.
Why use Trimo façade systems? Because . . .

  • they provide unique and functional solutions to most modern architectural concepts.
  • they are manufactured from carefully selected materials and have state-of-the-art technical characteristics.
  • they offer accomplished forms.
  • they allow architecture to cross the limits of the ordinary.
  • the quality of materials is supported with certificates.
  • they boast excellent fireproof, noise and thermal insulation characteristics.
  • their use shortens the building construction time.
  • the wide selection of colours and shapes enables numerous innovative solutions.
  • a variety of possible installation methods enable multi-functional use.
  • numerous additional finishing elements complete the overall attractive appearance.  

Which Trimo façade system to choose?

Qbiss One modular façade system

Qbiss One is a sophisticated, cost-effective modular façade system that offers a true alternative to conventional rainscreen, with many integrated benefits yet without compromising the aesthetics or performance. more »

Qbiss Air - Unbeatable energy efficient glass curtain wall system

Qbiss Air is a unique unitized glass curtain wall system, which uses an innovative, multi-chamber insulating core, that provides exceptional energy efficiency and living comfort. more »

Trimoterm Power - New energy and structurally efficient panels

The highest levels of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the most important requirements demanded by clients today. more »

Trimoterm - Fireproof façade systems

Trimoterm façade panels present unique solutions for the majority of modern architectural ideas when designing business, commercial, sport or industrial buildings. Trimoterm façade systems will make buildings come alive in the shape of modern aesthetic and state-of-the-art technical characteristics of Trimoterm façade panels that will ensure safety, protection and durability of these buildings. more »

Trimoterm Design - new architectural solution

Trimoterm Design is a brand new suite of panel aesthetics that bring new visual options to designers and architects. more »

ArtMe Façade Design

Individuality. Difference. Aesthetics. Design. ArtMe is a novelty that brings all these together and invites you to complement the façade cladding of your building with aesthetic designs, which play away with combinations of interesting shapes, shadows and patterns. more »

Trimoval - Un-insulated façade systems

A wide range of Trimoval products is suitable for the construction of roofs with an inclination for industrial facilities, warehouses and canopies, where no need for thermal insulation exists. more »

Partition walls and ceilings

Trimoterm panels are suitable for the construction of classic partition walls, fireproof partition walls and partition walls for clean rooms. They are also used in the construction of ceilings, fireproof ceilings and ceilings for clean rooms. more »