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Fire-protecting systems

The range of Pirofix products is intended for passive fire protection of buildings. They are used in solid construction elements and light prefabricated walls – individually, but mostly in a combination, as maximum protection can be achieved this way.
PiroFix products are used for:
Passive fire protection of cable breaches:
  • PiroFix PB: fire-stop pillows: Protection made from non-flammable glass fabric and with intumescent content.
  • PiroFix PK EXPAN: fire protection kit:Is used for fire protection of all types of smaller (< from 20 x 20 cm) cable channels through walls and ceilings. This is an intumescent mass that is contained in cartridges of 300 ml.
  • PiroFix PM ELAST-o-INT plastin It is used for fire protection of cable channels that are exposed to humidity condensation or running water. It is also used as extra protection of electrical cords with a cross section over 185 mm2.
  • PiroFix PP-P: fire protecting coat for energy corridors This is a type of protection with mineral wool and an intumescent fire protection coating PP-P. Besides the plate made of mineral wool the cables, cable rack and part of the load-bearing wall or ceiling, on both sides of the breach, have to be covered.

Passive fire protection for transitions of un-insulated metal pipes
  • PiroFix PK EXPAN + PP-P: fire protection kit and fire protection coating for energy transitions
  • PiroFix PM ELAST-o-INT plastin + PP-P: intumescent fire protection mass and fire protection coating for energy transitions
  • PiroFix PK EXPAN + PT ELAST-o-INT: fire protection kit and fire protection strap
  • PiroFix PFT in PP-P: fire protection seal and fire protection coating for energy transitions

Fire protection for transitions of insulated (for example with armaflex) metal pipes
  • PiroFix PM ELAST-o-INT plastin: intumescent fire protection mass Insulated pipe is wrapped in 30 cm PM ELAST-o-INT plastin and protected with perforated sheet metal – all on both sides of the breach. The opening around the pipe has to be protected with a fire protecting joint seal PFT, fire protection mass PM ELAST-o-INT plastin, or a fire protection kit PK EXPAN.

Fire protection for breaches of flammable thermoplastic pipes :
  • PiroFix PM – C: internal fire protection collar A 5 cm wide strap PM ELAST-o-INT plastin is wrapped around the thermoplastic pipes in the wall or ceiling and protected with a covering. Protection is implemented on both sides of the breach. The mass expands in the case of a fire and closes the flow in the pipe.  

Passive fire protection of joints
  • PiroFix fire protection joint seal PFT 5 cm wide strips of the seal are squeezed and inserted into a joint on both sides of the breach.

Please refer to the brochure for more detailed technical information.
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