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Fire safety

Fire safety in buildings is a broad concept that refers to protecting people, animals and places, as well as the environment, from the often devastating effects of fire. It covers a range of aspects, such as:
  • taking precautions to prevent or reduce the likelihood of a fire in buildings that may result in death, injury or property damage,
  • alerting people to the presence of a fire, 
  • helping those threatened by fire, 
  • and limiting damage caused by fire.

We all strive to make the right choice of products when it comes to fire protection as compromise can cost lives. Selecting the right high-performance devices, roofs and facade systems and insulation materials at the design-phase of a building is therefore essential for maximum fire protection.
Sandwich panels with different insulation cores are available in the construction market. Their fire resistance and their performance to fire vary significantly. The tests show that in a real fire situation sandwich panels vary in performance depending upon the core type and that PUR and PIR sandwich panels produce substantial amounts of smoke. Choosing a product whose core is non-combustible is a certain way of ensuring that sandwich panels do not contribute to a flashover in a fire and will not significantly increase fire intensity at any stage.

From left to right: polyurethane (PUR), mineral wool (MW), polyisocyanurate (PIR) sandwich panels

It’s up to all decision makers involved in the building construction process to make a responsible choice and decision for the optimum fire protection and safety according to the project.

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Fire safety