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Trimo EcoSolar PV

Trimo EcoSolar PV photovoltaic roof panel represents an innovative and effective environmentally friendly solution. This is a light roof with a thin, flexible, photovoltaic module that can be assembled into a whole system of solar power plant through integration. Excellent technical characteristics, a number of exceptional advantages and our support in managing the solar energy produced, are an excellent investment into the future.
Purpose and use
It represents cooperation with nature and effective use of durable energy resources. Trimo EcoSolar PV can be installed on business, commercial, representative, industrial and other facilities. Trimo EcoSolar PV modules of roof panels are effectively  a solar power plant on the roof of the building that can be connected to the public network for electrical power distribution. Electricity production from the roof of your building can be sold back to the network for electrical power distribution at a subsidised purchase price, which means that you get reimbursed for your investment in the shortest period possible.

ecologic:environmentally friendly energyreducing CO2 emissionsenergetic:good energy recovery even in times of diffused light assembly is also possible on surfaces that do not have not ideal inclines and direction
good efficiency with higher temperatures
economic:subsidised purchase price of electric energy in accordance with laws of individual countrieslong-life spanhigher market value of the buildingindependence from existing energy sourcesproduction is possible in remote places where there are no electrical power networks support and individual consulting servicesarchitectural:integrated solution without additional elements which would spoil the roof's aestheticswith no added sub-construction for solar panelssuitable for all building types

Trimo EcoSolar PV roof panel is composed of the standard SNV-3L panel and a thin photovoltaic module that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy. It is installed in the middle between the trapezoid profilation of the SNV-3L panel. Assembly of two standard photovoltaic module types is possible.

Basic technical information
T Electrical specification of the photovoltaic module (Type PVL-136 and PVL-68)

Uni-Solar PV module



Length (mm)



Width (mm)



Nominal wattage (Wp)



Voltage at maximum power VMPP (V)



Current at maximum power IMPP (A)



Voltage of open clips (V)



Short circuit current ISC (A) 5,1



We offer a fast and simple solution. We offer  
a turnkey solar power plant solution and ensure all the necessary documentation, connection and transfer measurements upon request. The complete system comes with an operational guarantee

Program packet: TrimoExpert PV
At Trimo we work with the user in mind. That is why we developed our own computer program, TrimoExpert PV that helps you predict how much electrical energy is produced by your solar power plant each month.

Please refer to the brochure for more detailed technical information.