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Trimo EcoSolar AIR

Solar energy can also be used to warm air. At Trimo we developed the Trimo EcoSolar AIR air-receiver of solar energy – an element that converts solar energy into thermal energy.
Purpose and use
Trimo EcoSolar AIR is an integrated building cladding. The fresh, pre-heated air, which is warmed in the air gap due to absorbed solar heating, can be used in different ways:
  • for heating and ventilation in buildings
  • for heating sanitary or process water through a transfer of heat air/water in buildings
  • in drying facilities for drying hay, wood, crops, spices, etc

ecologic:environmentally friendly energy reducing CO2 emissionsenergy:converting solar energy into thermal energyusing solar energy for heating, ventilation of buildings, heating sanitary water, drying economic:long life spanhigher market value of the buildingindependence from existing energy sourcessupport and individual consultingarchitectural:integrated solution
aesthetic design
suitable for all types of facilities

Trimo EcoSolar AIR is composed of the basic SNV roof panel and the ventilating air gap. Fresh air from the environment enters the air gap where it warms up from the  solar radiation. The upper area of the EcoSolar AIR panel can be made in different dark colour shades that help achieve the best solar energy utilisation.

This is a fast and simple solution. It does not need an extra sub-construction, which is why the roof load is lower and additionally there are no extra breaches to the roof.

Program packet: TrimoExpert AIR
In Trimo we work with the user in mind. That is why we developed our own computer program TrimoExpert AIR which helps us each month to foresee the quantity of thermal energy that Trimo EcoSolar AIR produces in normal weather conditions.

Please refer to the brochure for more detailed technical information.