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FOR sustainable operation

Sustainable operation in Trimo is based on balanced added value for customers, employees and owners; and symbiosis with the environment and the society that surrounds us. We are aware of our responsibility to improve the world and we fulfil it in the best possible way:

  • We encourage sustainable, environmentally-friendly building construction and develop environmentally friendly products and technologies that put construction of energy efficient buildings and use of alternative energy resources, first.We developed a new family of environmentally and people friendly products in order to protect the environment Trimo EcoSolutions.
  • Together with suppliers and other business partners we ensure the finished life cycles of products where secondary raw materials are returned to the production process – for re-use.Steadily reduce the amount
    of municipal waste. A few years ago we raised the level of secondary waste above 97 % by weight of the total waste.
  • Safe and health-friendly products and solutions are also incorporated in our business and production facilities.We built a solar power plant on our high-rack warehouse.The annual production is around
    35.000 kWh of electricity from solar energy at Trimo location and about 24.000 kWh at a location outside the
    Trimo on facility in which we have invested. Considering the average use of electric energy, this is sufficient to meet the  yearly energy needs of 14 households.
  • On strategy and the work programme in the area of environment management, safety and health, we educate employees at yearly training days.
  • Monthly monitoring the consumption of energy and natural resources.

We connect nature and people with complete sustainable operations.